Brand Spotlight: Harmony Collection Office Furniture

If You’re Looking for Furniture for the Office, Choose a Trusted Brand

harmony furniture

Choosing a good furniture brand that doesn’t overprice their products and delivers with superior construction and rich styling can be a tough job. Fortunately, Harmony office furniture creates a great look in any office environment. They blend beauty, quality, and functionality at an affordable price that fits neatly within your budget.

Harmony Collection office sets give your office a sleek and professional look – simple, contemporary, and affordable. Even better, if you find Harmony brands among the used office furniture, they’re an amazing catch for an excellent price. Look for a local office furniture store with a great staff and great reviews, like Santa Fe Office Interiors.

Chairs for the Office

Harmony has a wide range of chairs, many of which are ergonomic friendly and allow you to adjust your back, the tilt of and lean of the chair, its height, the armrests, and more for the best ergonomic fit.

The Harmony Collection includes breathable mesh chairs that let you stay cool even when the heat is on; executive chairs for the big and tall guys who need a proper chair that fits them; adjustable drafting stools; and even seat options in any color of the rainbow. You can choose specialized, soft casters for hard-surfaced floors, so the chair’s wheels won’t destroy the finish.

Reception area seating is also available, with a range of couches and tables to make your visitors comfortable. There’s even lounge seating so your guests – or you – can unwind during a busy day at work.

The Finest Executive Desks

Finding the perfect desk for your workspace is so important. After all, you’ll be spending at least 40 hours there every week – or more – so you want one that feels comfortable to you and also looks good enough to admire.

The Harmony Collection, available at Santa Fe Office Interiors, an Overland Park office furniture store, offers a range of Harmony desks that are sturdy and functional. You’ll get a Choose from laminate finishes that will match any office look. Our variety of workstations and L-shaped desks give you plenty of space to work with, along with features that include hutches and wall-mounted storage shelves to pick up the overflow.

We recommend the Bevel Leg Laminate Series, which includes a heavy-duty steel frame and your choice of laminates and styles, or the Metal VA Leg Laminate Series, for stylish and tough furniture for the office.

Electric Standing Desks and Tables

People were not made to sit for eight or more hours at a time. This sedentary lifestyle leads to muscle strain, lack of circulation, neck and back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other issues.

Adjustable-height tables and desks can be raised or lowered so you can comfortably work while standing or sitting. You can even adjust the tabletop to the perfect height to keep your forearms from resting on the table. Work without strain and keep carpal tunnel at bay, thanks to Harmony standing desks.

Screens and Panels

Screen and panels from the Harmony Collection provide privacy and divide workspaces. They’re easy to reconfigure and are available in styles and hues that fit neatly into any office decorating scheme.

Even if you’re working from home, you can use these panels to divide your office space from other areas of your house. They’re a discreet way of keeping your home office as private as possible.

The Best Furniture for the Office Is Right Here

Santa Fe Office Interiors, located in downtown Overland Park, Kansas, sells new and used office furniture, including the Harmony Collection.

With an enormous selection of office furniture, both new and used, you’ll find the latest styles and best quality at Santa Fe Office Interiors, including modern chairs and desks.

Shop our store during showroom hours – Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. – or call us at (913) 901-8800 to shop by appointment.