How the Right Home Office Desk Can Create Good Feng Shui in Your Space

Thoughtfully Select and Arrange a Modern Desk for Your Home Office to Bring In Positive Energy

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Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice of arranging objects in a way that promotes balance and harmony. Rooted in Taoism, the art of feng shui is all about improving the flow of a space to foster positive chi, or energy. Taoists believed that configuring buildings and rooms in this manner would bring peace, health, and prosperity to their lives.

It goes without saying that we spend a considerable amount of time at our desks every day. With this in mind, it’s essential to design a home office you enjoy being in. The energy in your workspace affects how you feel, which ultimately impacts your overall performance. By applying the principles of feng shui, you can create a more inviting work environment that boosts your productivity and keeps you focused on the task at hand.

Your desk is at the center of your workspace and is one of the most important home office furniture pieces to consider in your design. But not just any desk for your home office will do when it comes to harnessing the power of feng shui. Try these tips for selecting the right desk and using it to attract good energy.

Choose a Desk for Your Home Office that Encourages Organization

You can’t have feng shui in your office without a tidy, clutter-free work area. Messes are a distraction and pull your attention away from your responsibilities, making you less efficient.

To promote long-lasting organization, though, you need a modern desk for your home office with plenty of storage space. This way, you have enough room to keep paperwork and other office supplies neatly tucked away, but still within reach for appropriate tasks. With only the essentials out in the open, you’ll have a clean and calm workspace that features fewer interruptions and makes staying on track easier than ever.

Position Your Home Office Desk Appropriately

When following the rules of feng shui, the desk for your home office should be placed in thecommand position.” This means that when you’re sitting down, you’re able to see the door to the room without being directly in line with it. Because you have a full view of what’s ahead, you subconsciously feel more in control – even if guests won’t be coming to your home office.

If you can’t situate the office desk for your home this way, at least try to avoid having your back toward the door. A mirror can come in handy in these cases, too, so you can still look at a reflection of what’s beyond the room.

Another feng shui consideration you should think about is the space around your desk. Is your desk chair easy to get to, or are there obstacles in the way? Physical blocks place a barrier between you and your work, so remove or rearrange these objects if you can to make your desk more approachable.

Look for Durability in a Home Office Desk

A commonly overlooked aspect of feng shui in a home office is having a solid work surface. A flimsy, low-quality desk can suggest an unstable career. Typically, wood or a wood-like material is best for durability. Not to mention, it’s warmer and more welcoming than glass, which can create a sense of uneasiness in the space.

That’s to not say you can’t incorporate any glass elements in your home office. Used sparingly, they can be quite beautiful. They simply shouldn’t be the primary focus of a design.

When you’re searching for a modern desk for your home office, pay attention to how the piece was made and what materials were used to ensure you get something that’s built to last. You should also choose a desk that’s large enough to work at comfortably. A cramped workstation won’t serve you or your home office’s energy levels.

Where Can I Find a Quality Office Desk for My Home?

Although you can look online for a desk for your home office, product descriptions only tell you so much. Nothing really compares to trying out a piece in person. Going this route means you’re able to see and test features for yourself, so you can better determine if it’s a good feng shui fit for your space.

Shopping in-person is a great opportunity to take advantage of team members’ expertise as well. A home office furniture specialist will be able to provide recommendations and advice to help you settle on the right solution.

To learn more about picking out the perfect office desk for your home, get in touch with a home office furniture store near you.