Our Guide to the Perfect Desk and Chair Combination for Your Home Office

Office Chairs, Desks, and Home Office Sets that Will Optimize Your At-Home Workspace

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Your couch may have effectively served as your makeshift workspace when remote work was first introduced at your business, but now that a flexible work environment is here to stay, it’s time to take your home office setup more seriously. It’s vital to outfit your home office with a quality office chair and desk that do their job, so you can too.

With so many options available to you, you might feel unsure how to start revitalizing your at-home office. That’s where our Kansas City home office furniture store comes in. Here’s a quick guide on how to find the perfect office chair and desk combination for your home office, with the help of Santa Fe Office Interiors.

Decide What You’re Looking for

Before you set foot into a Kansas City home office furniture store near you, it’s important to have a clear idea of what exactly you’re looking for. This will save you a ton of time, and you’ll be able to start using your new home office set as soon as possible. As you shop for a new office chair and desk, consider these elements:

Your Budget
Ask yourself how much you can – or are willing to – spend on your new office furniture. If you’re in need of new furniture but aren’t looking to break the bank, consider purchasing pre-owned desks and office chairs. More often than not, you can find gently used office furniture that still works great, and is a fraction of the price if you were to buy it brand new.

Your Style
You’ll want your home office set to look like it belongs in your space. Keep your personal style top of mind as you look for your new office chair and desk, and make sure the furniture matches the look and feel of your current workspace. Or, if you’re feeling up to it, redesign your whole home office to be traditional, contemporary, glam, or any other themes that catch your eye.

Not only can poor quality and uncomfortable office furniture negatively affect your productivity and efficiency levels, but it can also impact your physical and emotional well-being. To set yourself up for success, you’ll want to purchase an office chair that is both comfortable and supportive.

Picking Out Your Office Chair

Office chairs come in many different styles and designs, and you may be asking yourself if a certain kind is best for your home office. As you create your perfect home office set, we recommend an ergonomic office chair.

Ergonomic office chairs are specifically designed to provide comfort to the user and offer multiple points of adjustment, making them a great option if you’re wanting a chair that supports you everywhere you need it.

Unlike other office chairs, they can be customized to your exact measurements and work to align your shoulders, hips, and spine. The lumbar adjustment of ergonomic chairs is especially notable, as it supports the lower back, promoting correct posture and preventing back pain.

Your Desk Matters, Too

When upgrading their home office, many people tend to put all their focus on their office chair, but your desk is just as important. You’ll want to purchase a desk that is not only functional, but offers you plenty of space for your belongings. Your desk setup can greatly improve your productivity.

The perfect desk setup is one that will make your job easier. Opt for a desk that has ample room for a desktop or laptop, monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse, and maybe even headphones or a notepad.

An ergonomic desk offers plenty of desktop space, plus more. These desks are designed to avert prolonged sitting, as they can be raised to standing height. Standing as you work gives you more energy throughout the workday, helps you focus, and also improves posture.

Furnish Your Space with a Home Office Set from Santa Fe Office Interiors

At Santa Fe Office Interiors, our Kansas City home office furniture offers a huge selection of office chairs and desks to choose from. Our 9,000 square foot showroom is always changing and being filled with new pieces of furniture, giving you the opportunity to upgrade and furnish your home office for an affordable price.

Shop pre-owned desks and office chairs from a variety of trusted brands. You’ll have access to durable, quality office furniture for a price you won’t get anywhere else. The choice is yours between manufacturers like Express, RFM Seating, and more!

Ready to tour our showroom? Just give us a call at (913) 901-8800 to get started. If you have any questions about our Kansas City home office furniture, send us a message using the contact form on our website. We’re happy to help!