The Health Benefits of Active Office Furniture

Why You Should Consider Active Office Furniture for Your Office Interiors

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Maybe you have heard of active office furniture but haven’t delved into the benefits it can offer. It’s no surprise that we spend over 8 hours of the day sedentary, glued to our desks. While we may be rocking at work, we are not doing our health any favors in the long run. Ergonomics is a science that is also known as human engineering or biotechnology.

Ergonomics does a deep dive in researching ways that objects can be designed or arranged to ensure safe and complementary uses for human interaction. Take a chair, for example, the study of ergonomics focuses on the functionality a chair can provide that will best support posture and overall health. With an ergonomic chair, you can adjust the seat height, width and depth. Many will offer a seat tilt, back and lumbar support, armrests and headrests creating an overall boost in health support.

There are so many amazing benefits to taking a stand at work that we wanted to share a few other benefits if you are considering a standing desk to enhance your office interiors.

Health Benefits that will Inspire you to give your Desk a Raise

Burn Calories

Standing instead of sitting can help you burn more calories. Studies show that if you split up your workday and stand in the afternoon you can burn an extra 170 calories -that’s an extra 850 calories in an average workweek. Tiny actions each day can add up to big progress over time.

Lower Blood Sugar and Risk of Heart Disease

If you stand instead of sit after eating lunch it also reduces the risk of diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels that often spike after eating. And, time and time again, studies have shown that the more sedentary you are the higher your risk of developing heart disease. That’s motivation to get active today!

Reduce Back Pain

A common complaint in the workplace is back pain, which can be unbearable at times for some. Studies have shown that using a standing desk can reduce chronic neck and back pain over time. The CDC found that standing an hour a day at work can reduce upper back and neck pain by more than half.

Switch up your Desk for Mental Clarity

Having the option to actively sit or stand can improve mental focus and give your body the circulation it needs. Not feeling like you are stuck sitting down all day allows for more freedom, clarity and productivity.

Santa Fe Office Interiors prides itself in being one of the best and most forward-thinking office furniture stores. We keep up with the changing trends and technology, especially when it is beneficial for your overall health and well-being. If you are considering making the switch, we carry brands that fit your needs for active office furniture in Kansas City.

Lorrell manufactures products with active furniture office interiors in mind. Their products incorporate active living options with style, functionality and prices for any budget. Conset active desks are made for people of all heights and fitness levels. These sit-stand desks raise and lower by an electric motor with just a push of a button. Within seconds you will be standing and getting your blood circulating offering a fresh alternative to the mundane sedentary life we have grown accustomed to every day. Conset offers budget-friendly options that are customizable and good for your health.

Here are some other helpful tips if you make an upgrade to Active Desk Living:

  • Keep your arms parallel to the floor
  • Sit with both feet flat on the floor, avoid crossing your legs for better circulation
  • Pay attention to how you sit; check in on yourself to make sure you’re not slouching
  • Keep your neck in a neutral and relaxed position
  • You should keep an arm’s length distance from your computer screen
  • The top of the computer monitor should be level with your eyes

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