Upgrade Your Office with New Furniture This Fall

new fall furniture

We have all heard about spring cleaning. It is that time where millions of people come out of hibernation and a nesting period, just trying to survive through those often very long cold winter months. Spring means we are invigorated by the warmth of the sun, the longer days seem to have much more impact on our psyche and our productivity. But as we quickly approach fall, that time of euphoria seems so far away with the impending winter approaching. What better time of year to invest in new office furniture? Not only is fall the perfect chance to upgrade your office with new furniture, it is also a perfect time to do so and write off the purchase on your taxes for the year. Just as the seasons change from those long humid summer days around Kansas City to the cool crisp fall air, so is the opportunity to change out that tired furniture and give your staff a morale boost with ergonomic-focused new furniture. New furniture and an upgraded workplace environment will propel employees and their productivity giving them a jump start and boost through the winter months.

Whether you are considering a complete overhaul of your interior office or commercial space, or you are looking to replace just a few items with new furniture, knowing what is best for you and your employees is easy with the professional and experienced staff at Santa Fe Office Interiors. From our expansive showroom in Overland Park, Kansas to our ever-expanding portfolio of furniture manufacturers, our team is ready to help you decide what is best for you and choose the best solution for your fall furniture upgrade.

Explore Our Furniture Options To Upgrade Your Space


Employees faced with a lifetime of sitting behind a desk often need a morale boost and what better way to say, “We care,” than with an upgraded, ergonomic seating solution? Did you know that prolonged sitting is linked to depression, heart disease, diabetes, muscle degeneration, back pain, and a whole lot more? From a designer-style chair, to a semi-adjustable chair, to a fully adjustable seating solution, we have access to every style imaginable to fit your dream office makeover and keep you and your staff healthy and productive moving forward. Fully adjustable, ergonomic-conscious office chairs mean having the ability to adjust and customize exactly how your chair will hold and maintain your posture day after day. Gone are the strains and pains in your lower back with a fully adjustable lumbar support. Or how about the stress in your neck from not sitting properly in front of a computer screen? Those, too, are a thing of the past by adjusting the tilt and height position of your chair. Between, functionality, style, mobility, and comfort, Santa Fe Office Interiors has access to a near-infinite inventory of seating solutions for your fall furniture upgrade.


So you’re interested in an office upgrade but you don’t want to call in the engineer, construction crew, and put your staff in a slowed production mode as the end of the year approaches? Great! Have you ever considered an interior design overhaul using mobile partitions? Partitions allow your to reconfigure your office space in a hurry and provide affordable remodeling without all the dust, dirt and noise inconvenience of a construction crew. Portable partitions can encourage the creation and customization of new office layouts which can boost morale from a stale working environment into an office space that looks new and improved. Not only that, but partitions are able to maintain privacy while helping a space feel more open and inviting, whether through half-height walls or glass partitions which allow you to capitalize on any existing natural light.


Have you been sitting your whole working life or encouraging a sitting office environment without thinking of the multitude of other desk options? Maybe this fall is time to upgrade your office environment (and knowledge) by visiting Santa Fe Office Interiors and talking to one of our knowledgeable staff about the sit-stand desk solutions that will keep you feeling active and in shape through the coming winter months? Sit-stand desks allow employees a versatile workspace setup to meet varying physical needs and comfort choices. Complete with motors, hand cranks or even state of the art hydraulic systems, this ergonomic-friendly desk solution could be your office’s next big ‘Ah Ha’ moment through a simple investment. Whether you are looking for a new way of working at a desk or you are looking to reimagine an existing space through L-shaped, U-shaped or even traditional rectangle desks, this fall is a perfect time to change your office environment and upgrade to new office furniture for your employees. Not only does seating play a huge role in office productivity, desks are often the central point of an office with the ability to relieve stress, promote organization, relieve clutter, and enhance the visual comfort of a workplace environment.

Office furniture is important and keeping it fresh with cutting edge technology from office desks, chairs and partitions will help show your clients and your employees you care beyond the bottom line. Our 9,000 sq.ft. showroom serves the greater Kansas City area with a team who is ready to help you try out each and every piece of new furniture before you move forward with the investment. Stop in to check out the inventory or contact our team at Santa Fe Office Interiors at 913-901-8800. We are located at 8106 Santa Fe Drive, Overland Park, KS 66204. Open Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 4:00pm and are also available by appointment to help fit your busy schedule.