How You Can Improve Your Posture at Work

Learn How Choosing the Best Ergonomic Office Chair Can Help You Sit Up Straighter and Reduce Aches and Pains

improving work posture

When you spend 40 hours or more per week sitting at a desk, health problems can start to build up. This can also be made worse by sitting in substandard, uncomfortable desk chairs that lead to leaning forward, sideways, or slouching. This adds stress to your spine, which over time can lead to lower and upper back pain.

A quality ergonomic office chair is one of the best ways to improve your posture when sitting long hours at your desk – and improve the quality of your life! You can often find a good ergonomic chair at a local office supply store.

What Should You Look for In an Ergonomic Chair?

An ergonomic desk chair should have a seat that’s easily adjustable, allowing you to set your feet flat on the ground, thighs horizontal to the floor and arms even with the desk surface. The seat should also be wide and deep enough to comfortably support you, and have enough padding to be soft. A breathable cloth fabric covering is also a smart choice.

Ideally, you should be able to adjust your backrest so you can rest your back against it and still have approximately two to four inches between the back of your knees and the edge of your chair’s seat. The chair should also have forward or backward tilt and adjustable lumbar support. If you sit for long periods without sufficient support to the lumbar spine, you’ll end up slouching and straining your lower back.

There are a lot of adjustable parts. But, because humans come in all shapes and sizes and frames, there is no “one size fits all” solution!

How to Sit in Your Ergonomic Chair

Another way to maintain good posture is by sitting up straight, with your shoulders down and your arms relaxed and hanging at your sides. You should not have to lean forward to look at the computer screen. If you do, move the computer screen closer.

Avoid crossing your legs, and take regular breaks during the day.

Bonus Tip: An adjustable standing desk is a great way to keep changing positions. Standing up at work with your desk workplace raised to a comfortable height can help your lower back pain and improve your circulation while allowing you to stay productive. This type of desk is the perfect complement to your ergonomic chair, ensuring you protect your spine throughout your work day.

Keep Moving at Work!

According to a study published by the American College of Sports Medicine, prolonged sitting in even the best desk chairs can increase the risk of chronic illness such as diabetes, heart disease, and other issues. But five minutes of light walking every half-hour can alleviate some of this risk. It’s important to break up your sitting with movement. Even these little “activity snacks” will reduce blood pressure, reduce fatigue, and improve mood.

If you can’t leave your chair, then every half-hour be sure to stretch, move your arms in all directions, and do side bends and twisting exercises. Any movement will benefit your posture as well as your overall health.

Choose a Quality Ergonomic Office Chair Manufacturer

The best desk chair manufacturers offer customizable ergonomic seats that promote a healthy and productive lifestyle, for desk workers of all sizes.

Consider reputable brands like:

  • Lorell
  • RFM Seating
  • Steelcase
  • Express
  • And more

You don’t have to spend a fortune on quality ergonomic chairs or opt for cheap desk chairs because that’s what fits your budget. Used office furniture stores offer high quality chairs at bargain prices.

Accessorize Your Ergonomic Chair!

Make your new ergonomic office chair even more comfortable by adding accessories. Seat cushions evenly distribute your body weight and relieve pressure on your hips and tailbone. Armrest pads with memory foam are a nice treat for your arms.

The footrest is another accessory that helps if you are unable to set your feet directly on the floor. Some footrests will rock, so you can move your feet and get a little movement in as you’re working.

Ergonomic Desk Chairs for You

Ergonomic features in the best desk chairs are a necessary part of staying healthy at the workplace. With that in mind, be sure to try out your ergonomic desk chair before you buy it. Office seating is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Being able to test and adjust your chair before you buy it will lead to better outcomes.

Visit a home office furniture store near you with a wide selection of the best desk chairs to see what possibilities you can find for your own home office.