Home Office Ideas: Selecting Furniture That Supports Your Overall Wellness

The Best Home Office Setup Is One That Makes Your Well-Being a Top Priority

a desk with a plant a mug and an open laptop

If you work remotely, mentally shifting from home to work (and work back to home) can prove to be a challenge – especially when your bedroom is only a few steps away. Because you’re not leaving the house to commute to an office, it’s all too easy to make the couch your new workspace.

However, this can take a toll on both your mental and physical well-being. Your mind no longer knows where to draw the line between work and relaxation, and you’re left uninspired to make real progress. Not to mention, even the coziest couch is only comfortable for so long.

The best home office setup is a designated area outfitted with essential furniture and accessories. Taking the time to carefully consider where your home office should be and what should fill it ensures you have a space that fuels your productivity and puts you in the right state of mind.

To help you maximize your efficiency during the workday, experts share their home office ideas for choosing furniture that promotes wellness.

Home Office Idea #1: Select a Supportive Chair

If you’re constantly slumping over your computer, craning your neck, and suffering from lower back pain with little relief, it’s time for a change in your home office setup. An ergonomic chair, especially one with proper lumbar support, has been proven to improve posture, alleviate back tension, and prevent strain in the neck and shoulders. Various seat adjustments can also encourage better circulation in the legs, helping you avoid swelling and even blood clots.

This home office idea takes wellness a step further and allows you to better focus on the task at hand – not a nagging ache in your back. In fact, a research study from the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research found that employees working in an ergonomically optimal setting had a 17.7% increase in productivity. Getting a comfortable office chair allows you to keep the couch for movie nights and work through even the longest days without fatigue.

Home Office Idea #2: Invest In a Quality Desk

The proper chair is a good start in your home office wellness journey, but it’s also in your best interest to get a quality desk. Select a design that’s an adequate height for your body and provides plenty of room to hold your laptop, monitors, keyboard, mouse, paperwork, and other work essentials. Although a cluttered space may not affect you physically, it can impact your ability to do your job effectively. An organized desk with ample storage sets you up for a successful and productive workday.

Many remote workers are also transitioning from standard desks to adjustable models. This home office setup idea may sound simple enough, but getting up and working in a standing position even just once a day can have a significant impact on your overall health. Standing activates more muscles, increases attentiveness, and boosts blood flow – just to name a few perks. A desk that helps you incorporate this into your daily routine is a worthy investment in your well-being.

Home Office Idea #3: Look for Ergonomic Accessories

Your home office accessories are just as much a part of wellness as the furniture itself. A monitor riser can help minimize neck strain that comes from looking down at a screen for hours, while a keyboard wrist pad can provide the support you need for a full day of typing.

Those with a sit-stand desk a part of their home office setup may also benefit from a floor mat. These designs provide the cushioning you need to stand comfortably for extended periods, plus the right amount of protection to keep your hardwoods or carpet damage-free as you move around while seated.

How to Bring Your Home Office Ideas to Life

Now that you know what home office setup ideas enhance your physical and mental health, you may be wondering how to go about implementing them. Your first order of business should be to locate an office furniture store near you.

Not just any furniture store will do, though. Finding a business that specializes in office furniture connects you with a team of experts who can help you transform your home office ideas into reality.

You may be tempted to start your search online, but product descriptions and reviews aren’t always an indication of whether an item will be right for you. Everyone’s comfort preferences are unique, so what works for one person may not be the perfect fit for another. Your best bet is to visit an office furniture retailer and try out various ergonomic solutions for yourself. After all, no one knows what you like better than you do!

To learn more about creating a home office setup focused on wellness, get in touch with an office furniture store in your area.