Looking for Office Desks: How to Choose the Right One for Your Space

Plus, Where You Can Get the Best Office Furniture in Kansas City

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The wrong desk can have a big impact on how well you work. If you’re tired of your desk not giving you everything you need to be productive and comfortable, it’s time to upgrade to something new. However, office desks are expensive and getting a new one that’s fresh out of the box isn’t in your budget. Don’t worry!

Santa Fe Office Interiors has used office furniture in Kansas Citythat’s affordable and in stock. We offer a variety of used office desks that fit every space, every budget, and every work style. The right desk can make or break your office. Check out how you can find the right one for your space and our top picks for the best office desks to keep you focused and organized.

Think Carefully About Where to Put Your Desk

Everyone loves a superb view, and it’s been shown that looking out into nature keeps you happy and working hard during the day. Setting your desk up by a window can be very beneficial to your workday. If you can’t set up your desk by a window, choose a cozy corner or wall with great lighting.

Reconsider Putting Your Desk in the Middle

Many people who work in a traditional office setting like to have their office desks in the middle of their space. If you don’t have a lot of office furniture, putting a desk in the middle of your office is a great way to fill up space. However, if you have a large enough office, consider setting up work zones.

You can have a small table and set of chairs in one corner, for when you need to have a casual conversation with clients or employees, your desk for when you need to work, and a small couch for when you need to take a break.

What’s most important is that you choose a location that is distraction-free. This could mean facing your office desk away from a busy street, keeping your desk away from your office door, or choosing to move your home office to a brand-new space.

Our Top Pick For a Distraction-Free Workspace: Santa Fe Office Interiors has the best selection of used office furniture in Kansas City, which means we know desks! Our pick for a desk that helps you stay focused is the Express Lair Series. These office desks are made for space division and have a variety of styles that come with divider panels. Plus, most styles can be customized with glass divider panels and transaction tops.

How Are You Using Your Desk?

When looking for office desks, consider how much surface space you need to be productive. For instance, do you work with a laptop or a desktop? They both require a certain amount of space on your desk, so it’s important to find a desk that can accommodate your equipment. Look at these tips on what office desks are best for the way you work:

Only Computer Work

If you work with a lot of computer equipment, like extra monitors, then you want a longer and wider desk that has built-in wiring holes or channels for cords. This keeps your equipment organized safely and out of your way. Don’t forget to leave room for extra lighting!

Lots of Paperwork

You’ll need the roomiest office desks out there, if your job requires you to work with a lot of paperwork. Make sure you find a desk that can accommodate bulky books, stacks of paper, or blueprints. Look at office desks that have overhead cabinets, so you can store supplies and other important items.

A Bit of Both

You might find yourself multitasking with paperwork and computers, which means you need a desk that can accommodate it all. Look for an L-shaped desk with built-in storage and plenty of surface space. Don’t worry about space, because these office desks fit nicely in the corner.

Our Top Pick For a Multi-Use Desk: The Bridge Series by Harmony features office desks that are affordable, contemporary, and simple. They come in several varieties that can be customized, so your office can truly fit your needs. They’re perfect for home offices and corporate settings, alike.

Santa Fe Office Interiors has used office furniture in Kansas City that’s available right now! Visit our showroom for used office desks, chairs, and more essentials to outfit your office.

Choose the Size That’s Right For Your Space

When it comes to desk space, the bigger the better. However, most of us don’t have the office space for a luxe executive desk. Read this quick advice for choosing the right-sized desk, so you don’t overwhelm your office space:

Think About Your Work Habits

Do you live in an organized mess, or are you a neat freak? If you find yourself in the middle of well-placed chaos, find space for a bigger desk. Those who like to keep a tidy workspace can often get away with a smaller desk, just make sure you have enough room to comfortably spread out.

Make Sure You’re Comfortable

Whichever office desks are at the top of your list, you need to find one that allows you to have enough clearance for your legs and your keyboard can be placed at a comfortable height. All of your desktop equipment and supplies should be within comfortable reach. Also, look for office chairs that fit your workspace, and aren’t too big to maneuver around your desk.

Storage Is Important

Having the right amount of storage on your office desk is critical to keeping your office organized. If you have medium to light storage needs, look for used office desks with drawers and small shelving units connected. For something a little more heavy duty, look for a desk with deep drawers and shelves, and built-in filing systems.

Our Top Pick For a Desk That Fits Everyone: Sitting for a long amount of time isn’t good for anyone. Standing desks are the perfect solution if you get a little antsy while you’re seated. Lorrell has an outstanding series of standing desks that are sure to give your back a break. Don’t worry about storage solutions, because Santa Fe Office Interiors has used office furniture, like cabinets and bookshelves, to keep your space neat and organized.

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