Organize Your Home Office With These Tips

Set Yourself Up for Success with an Organized Home Office Workspace

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Did you know an unorganized workspace, whether it be at home or in a formal office setting, can affect your work output, stress levels and overall health? It sure can. Taking the extra time to ensure you tidy your workspace and your work is well-organized and accessible benefits your way more than a pile of unfinished projects and “to-dos”. Some may say they don’t have time to clean or organize, but you’re losing time when your office is messy!

What really happens when you have a messy office? Eek.

  1. Impact on your mental health – A messy area can most certainly impact your mental health. Unneeded stress from piles of documents can give you feelings of anxiety and even depression. It can also impact your personal relationships. Your home office should be welcoming, especially if you do work where you are in contact with people and they need to be in your office. A disorganized home office can make people less likely to visit you and make them stay away.
  2. Impact on your physical health – The physical dangers are a bit more scary than you think. A cluttered home office space can cause fire, dust and mold. None of which anyone wants to deal with, especially within their own home office space.

Now that you know what to avoid in your home office, follow these four easy tips to get your home office in pristine shape for the utmost productivity:

  1. Choose a work surface: Find a work surface, preferably a desk, that makes you feel comfortable and flows well for the type of work that you do. For instance, if you work solely on your computer, choose a desk that can hold your computer equipment but maybe doesn’t have the extra space you would need for writing or reading. If you do need the space to write or read, make sure your desk or space is set up for that.
  2. Find a comfy place to sit: Comfort is key, especially in a home office. When looking for a desk chair or even desk, make sure they are ergonomically designed and will positively impact your posture, reduce fatigue and increase circulation.
  3. Get some storage: Now that you have your “working space” you need to have space to store items. Seek out filing cabinets or even adjustable shelves which allow you to store large and small items, but let you change easily to fit your needs.
  4. Add your personal touch: It’s your home office, so make it yours! Add a personal touch to your workspace with photos, artwork, even a fun carpet.

Now, all you need to do is get home office furniture and storage to create the ideal space. Looking for the best home office furniture in Kansas City? Visit Santa Fe Office Interiors. From traditional, modern and contemporary styles that fit your aesthetic, Santa Fe has limitless storage and filing options for you, as well as office desks. From filing cabinets for binders and books, to office shelves to modular shelves, Santa Fe is here to help you find the filing and storage solutions that are best for you. Remember, the key to be organized and save space is to maximize storage capacity and minimize distracting clutter!

At any budget!

Organizing your office space for filing and storage systems, regardless of the size, can be overwhelming not only in a project sense, but financially. You shouldn’t have to forgo quality furniture and storage in your space if you are on a budget. Looking for cheap office furniture to fit your budget? You don’t have to buy new office furniture, outfit your office with pre-owned storage solutions – keeping the same quality, but saving the money. Used furniture in Kansas City is an option for you.

We’ll help you out!

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